Welcome to Columbia Counselling Associates

Our goal is to foster emotional, mental, relational, and spiritual growth and healing in a safe, caring environment.

Our approach is holistic and inclusive. To facilitate treatment, we may consult with and refer to other professionals. You may also find it beneficial to involve friends or relatives in certain aspects of your treatment. We work as a team, strengthening and supporting each other. The group supervision times as well as the individual counsellor supervision times are crucial to support, growth and developmen

Our purpose is to care for the whole of the indiviual-emotionally psychologically relationally and spiritually.

Our counsellors hear you and will work as a team to promote and facilitate emotional, spiritual growth and healing in a safe caring environment. Confidentiality is a value of utmost importance to us. Our Counsellors strive to make Columbia Couselling a place that feels comfortable, safe and warm.


Serving the Fraser Valley Since 1984
Committed to Caring