The counsellors at Columbia Counselling Associates want to provide you with the support and resources to help you move toward growth and healing in your life. On this website, you will find information on our counsellors, our vision, our approach to counselling, and the services we offer.

Text Box: “Promoting and facilitating emotional, mental, relational,
and spiritual growth and healing
in a caring environment.”


“Thank you for listening to me with your whole self, with compassion & insightThank you so much for all you did for us; you were patient beyond call.”


“My counsellor believed that I could walk through my pain even when I didn’t believe. He journeyed into the pain with me when I couldn’t do it alone and it saved my life."


Thank you for responding to me with compassion, with peace, and with yourself.

Text Box: To contact us:
Suite #208, 2276 Clearbrook Road
Abbotsford, BC
V2T 2X5
Phone: 604-852-2557

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